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Dental Prosthetic

In addition to all of the special services and cosmetic procedures available at Glick Dental, we still make removable dentures and partial dentures. But today's dentures from Glick Dental, incorporating Swiss-Dent teeth, look more lifelike and are more comfortable than in the past.

Stronger Dentures for More Confidence

Our dentures are made from ballistic strength plastic so that they last longer too. Even if you have a perfectly serviceable denture you may want to consider having us place two or four implants underneath for stability and confidence. That means the uppers can be modified so that the palate is removed which greatly improves taste and temperature sensation. On the lower your denture will be more secure allowing you to eat that steak you have been avoiding or bite into an apple in public.

We have improved techniques for partial dentures too. Ask us about the Glick Dental Precision Partial Denture. The precision technique does away with the unsightly conventional clasps and replaces them with internal attachments that are completely invisible even with the widest of smiles.

Faster Fittings and Fixes

Sitting in the dental chair for hours waiting for the dentist to finish with the whiny youngster in the next chair will simply be an unpleasant memory. Because at Glick Dental the Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) assigned to your case will accomplish many of the non-critical tasks and keep your appointment moving right along so that fillings, crowns and fixed bridgework are all accomplished in less than half the time.

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