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Pedodontics & Children’s Oral / Dental Health

Children-EdwardAt Glick Dental Associates, all you have to do when you walk in the door is look around to know that we love kids. From Dalmatians to Dolphins and Piglets to Pandas, our office is filled with GIANT sized stuffed animals of every color and variety. From large bright operating rooms in primary colors to comfy clean carpeted floors and child proofed wall outlets, we cater to kids.

But a fun, kid friendly environment is not what make us one of the premier pediatric dental offices in the area. With kids, it is all about taking the time to explain and demonstrate everything we do in advance and gaining the respect and trust of both child and parent.

Supporting You and Your Children

In most circumstances we encourage parents and siblings to accompany a child into the operating area so that the child feels relaxed and supported throughout their appointment. You will find that our doctors and staff are eager to make your child's dental visit as safe and non-traumatic as possible.

Orthodontic/Orthopedic problems are best treated early and that is why monitoring and evaluating a child's growth and development is as important as cavity detection and preventive education to their long term dental wellbeing. You will find that at Glick Dental Associates each semi-annual exam includes such an evaluation.

Stop by or call 440-349-1400 for a tour and to interview our doctors before you decide. We know you will choose Glick Dental Associates for you children's dental care.



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