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Oral Surgery


At Glick Dental Associates we are able to take care of all of your dental outpatient surgical needs right in our Solon facility. Using a mild, safe, analgesic gas, sometimes in combination with a sedative such as Valium, and of course using local anesthetic, we can operate on even the most apprehensive of patients while they are comfortably but consciously sedated.

Removal of third molars ("wisdom teeth") is one of the most common surgical procedures needed and our patients seem to really appreciate having the same doctor they already know and trust perform their procedure.

Whatever type of surgical care you require you can be sure that it will be thoroughly discussed, meticulously planned and carried out with the same precision and attention to detail you have come to expect in every aspect of our practice and for which we are well known. Normally your doctor will contact you the evening of the surgery to ensure you are experiencing a normal post-operative period and to answer any questions or concerns that you or your family may have.

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